“On the Great Highway” -Gas, Food & Lodging


Gas, Food & Lodging Productions proudly presents the newly (2017) remixed and remastered double album from Gas, Food & Lodging, “On the Great Highway,” featuring 22 songs spanning Americana, roots rock and more.


  • Lynn Blessing -Vibraharp, Piano, Organ, Drums
  • Kevin Kelly -Drums, Vocals
  • Marc McClure -Guitar, Pedal Steel, Lead and Background Vocals, Musical Arrangements
  • Art Johnson -Guitars, Mandolin, Violin, Vocals and Vocal Arrangements
  • Bill Plummer -Acoustic and Electric Bass, Vocals

For more on Gas, Food & Lodging, check out our onsite GF&L page. To purchase digital downloads of the entire double album, or individual tracks, please visit the “On the Great Highway” store page on CDBaby.




Gas Food & Lodging’s “On the Great Highway” double album is finally available as a digital download on CDBaby.

Audio samples and track listing:


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